Greg Beardsell

"Greg Beardsell is a uniquely exciting personality in music today. At a time when the art-form’s relevancy could easily be contended, nobody is able to implant its vibrancy and power in the hearts of a new generation more than Greg."

James Murphy,

Chief Executive, Southbank Sinfonia


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"Disney Medley" from the 2017 Peace Proms. This concert features the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland and 2500 children.

I direct the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland and about 25,000 children in concerts across Ireland and the UK across January, February and March of 2018. These concerts - the PEACE PROMS, are AMAZING, and you must come! More info can be found here. Concerts are in LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN, BELFAST, GALWAY and KILKENNY.

Royal College of Music

Conducting comrade Robbie Jacobs and I have founded a new agency which provides professional choirs to the pop industry for live shows and recordings. Have a look at the website of VOX OFFICE here.

I'll be presenting workshops and seminars on choral music and education  in Sweden, Qatar and London throughout the year. If you'd like me to lead a workshop for your choir or talk at your conference then please do get in touch!

This year I will be directing the London Youth Chamber Choir, 20 of the most experienced singers from within the LYC set-up. If you live in the capital, want regular rehearsals and brilliant performance opportunities then visit their website and try us out. click here

Earlier this year I organised the inaugural The International Youth Choir festival at the Royal Albert Hall. A DVD of the concert "A Celebration of World Voices" is available to buy. Relive the AMAZING performances by some of the best youth choirs in the world. click here