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Handel wrote Dixit Dominus in Rome in 1707. Roman pitch was very low in comparison to today - around a whole tone lower than A=440. As a result, Handel had to score it relatively high on the stave to suit the voices. As pitch has risen over the centuries, we are left with a manuscript which is now too high, especially for the soprano 1s and tenors who frequently are required to sing top A and Bb. 


Here, I have created a brand new edition which is a minor 3rd lower - a minor third rather than a whole tone so that we stay in friendly keys for the string players. I worked alongside top period players to sensitively rewrite the parts where necessary and ensure that as little change was made to the original work as possible. Intended for performance on modern instruments, it means that this version can be paired with modern works in concert.


I conducted the premiere of this edition at Ely Cathedral in April 2023, performed by the Britten Sinfonia and National Youth Choir (15-18).  


Britten Sinfonia leader Thomas Gould writes "The transposition in Greg’s edition works very well, with passagework falling under the fingers beautifully, and any changes to the original clearly having been carefully considered."

Note - this full score is the edition I put together for the premiere. I can also create score and parts with dynamics removed.

If you would like to use my edition, please get in touch with me at

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